Detroit Rising

Rising from the Ashes(32:30)
'Now capitalism abandoned Detroit years ago, leaving it derelict
and overgrown, communities are being rebuilt through growing
their own food in 1300 urban gardens'
Detroit: Art Explosion (17:48)
'Alongside the food growing an explosion of art, much political'
Live in Detroit (9:21)
John Sinclair & friends

● 17.2.11 @ 't Blijvertje

'...There is a train that goes from Detroit
to Pontiac to AnnArbor and west, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Michigan City
ends in Chicago / it’s an old train, everyone in the United States
has been on it once, since Lincoln’s body I think
It carries hopeful people out to new jobs and then
back home again / I’ve been on it, unemployed in Michigan
going to Chicago, to look at the leafy street I left behind, Evanston,
city of chocolate brown maple trees / and mourn the life that was
no more / trains converge at Union Station,
but leaving Chicago, all go their separate ways.'

'CITIES is a foundation for re-envisioning future of agriculture, food distribution and consumption in Amsterdam. Its online urban agriculture platform was launched in March 2011.
They have been working on this project for the past year, setting up UA projects, interviewing everyone involved in UA in Amsterdam, organizing events, and mapping UA activities. The platform deals with practical issues and regulations, provide maps, data and information about available and unused lots, and connect different players in the UA field, in order to take urban agriculture in Amsterdam to the next level.
With the Amsterdam Youth Food Movement CITIES has been working with the municipality of Amsterdam to find practical ways to continue food programmes and projects supported by Proeftuin Amsterdam's 4-year food policy.'