Zabriskie Point

26.1.12 - 21u.
Op de Valreep. einde Polderweg, A'dam Oost
ZABRISKIE POINT, Michelangelo Antonioni
1970, 107 min., in English

'An epic portrait of late Sixties America, as seen through the portrayal of two of its children: anthropology student Daria (who's helping aproperty developer build a village in the Los Angeles desert) and dropout Mark (who's wanted by the authorities for allegedly killing a policeman during a student riot).
This film got a lot of critical flack when it came out, but many consider it a cult classic. But then again most of the negative reviews for this movie came from americans. And of course - it seems that the film is entirely directed against american capitalism. Most people I talked to about it in America thought it was shit. But if you talk to a guy in a store in Brussels about it, he says "Wow, it's such a beeeaauutiful movie!"
And indeed the ending is nothing short of monumental, a poetic ballet of destruction which is unmatched anywhere else in cinema history. It's a love it or hate it kind of film for sure, but those who have seen it have never forgotten it and it has stayed alive in the hearts of film lovers across the world… it's visually stunning. It's a film that didn't play according to the rules, and today it is an amazing postcard from a bygone era.
Warning: If you ever were going to watch this film on your goddamn laptop or flat screen the film wouldn't make any sense. This film is a moving painting designed to be shown in a theatre where images can dominate story. With music by Pink Floyd and other 60s counter-culture icons to help psych-out the desert landscape.'

- Jeffrey B