The Harder They Come

Directed by Perry Henzell, 1972
103 min. In Jamaican English with English subtitles
Op de Valreep ⌖ Polderweg 120, A'dam
June 21, 21 u. - free entrance

'This is director Perry Henzel's all-Jamaican 1972 classic, one of the most beloved and longest-running of all international cult favorites.

It is a gritty, groundbreaking and truly legendary film that tells the story of Ivan, an aspiring young singer-turned-outlaw, at war with Jamaica's music industry, the police, and his rivals in the ganja trade. In the end, this film packs more gusto and sheer excitement than any of the features that Hollywood is cranking out these days. A prime example of "outlaw cinema".

This film also works wonderfully well as an anthropological exploration of 1970s Kingston - documenting all of its squalor and desolation. But it is also an entertaining movie about poverty, false dreams, ambition and city life… about police and thieves and how sometimes they aren't so different from each other. It's a slice of life drama, and by the way it is also very un-PC. So I hope you are able to join us at the De Valreep as we head South for this rebellious, temperamental and fierce motion picture!'
- Jeffrey Babcock